privacy policy

This includes the website ``kurun TOKYO'' (hereinafter referred to as ``this website'') and the services provided by the customer. In order to use this service (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Service"), you must carefully read and agree to the "Customer Information Handling Policy (Privacy Policy)" below. . If you do not agree, please do not access this website or use this service.

1. About customer information Customer information is information about living individuals that can identify a specific individual based on the name, date of birth, address, telephone number, and other descriptions contained in the information. say. This includes information that can be compared with other information and thereby identify a specific individual.

2. Acquisition and collection of customer information Our company may acquire and collect customer information of customers who use this service by the following methods.

How we acquire and collect information through this service We acquire and collect customer information that you enter on this service.
How we acquire and collect customer information by means such as e-mail, postal mail, written documents, telephone calls, etc. Our company acquires customer information provided by customers to us by means such as e-mails, postal mail, written documents, telephone calls, etc.・We will collect it.
Method of acquisition and collection through e-mails sent to customers If the e-mail software you use has a function to confirm the arrival and opening of e-mails, information regarding the arrival and opening of e-mails sent from our company to you. We may receive and record your information. If you do not wish for us to receive such information, please disable the confirmation function of the e-mail software you are using, or use e-mail software that does not have a confirmation function.
How we collect information when a customer accesses this service We collect information such as the history of the customer's use of this service. This information includes information such as the URL used by the customer, browser and mobile phone type, and IP address.
3. Purpose of use of customer information We will use customer information for the purpose of use notified to the customer at the time of acquiring/collecting customer information or for the following purposes. We will not use your personal information for purposes other than those listed below, except as described in "4. Deposit and Provision of Customer Information to Third Parties" below, or unless we have obtained your prior consent. In addition, customers can decline the provision of information to customers at the time of membership registration or after registration. However, we cannot refuse to provide information that is necessary for the operation of this service.
In order to safely and reliably conduct transactions using this service, we will notify users of the transaction status and important matters by e-mail, etc. To confirm the purchase of this product, we will apply for an e-mail distribution service. To confirm your registration and send you emails, to confirm your registration with this service, and to provide this service, to bill you for products and services, and to confirm your payment, we will provide you with compensation for your cooperation in surveys, etc. To send prizes, etc. for sweepstakes, etc. that you have applied for.To resolve problems in the operation of this service.To improve the content of this product, this service, this website, etc. so that you will be more satisfied. In order to customize the content of products, services, this website, etc. to suit individual users, we aggregate information obtained by statistically processing personal information in order to investigate customer order information and satisfaction with this product, etc. In order to publicize the survey results, we will understand your usage status, and in order to improve this service and develop new services, we will cooperate with the survey and provide various information on various membership services and other services. In order to request participation in events and report the results, etc., we understand the usage status of this product, this service, this website, etc., and provide information on companies/organizations that we think will be useful to you, including our company. To deliver surveys, etc.
4. Regarding the entrustment and provision of customer information to third parties The Company will not entrust or provide customer information to third parties without obtaining the customer's prior consent, except in the cases specified below.

Disclosure and sharing of information on this service if we deem it necessary to provide this service Your email address of a purchaser who transacts on this service will be disclosed to the store owner. . The disclosed information on the transaction partner will be used only for the transaction and will not be disclosed to any third party without the purchaser's prior consent.
When it is necessary for the provision of this service When the Company deems it necessary for the operation of this service Entrustment and provision of business to a subcontractor In order to process customer information, provide information to customers, conduct campaigns and surveys, etc. We may outsource all or part of our work to a company that we deem to be trustworthy and have entered into a non-disclosure agreement with you regarding personal information. To the minimum extent necessary, we may entrust and provide customer information to the relevant outsourcing company.
Entrustment and provision to our cooperating companies/partners In order to provide this service, we may enter into a cooperative/partner relationship with a company that we deem trustworthy and have signed a confidentiality agreement with personal information. Under our strict control, we may entrust and provide customer information to the relevant cooperating companies and partner companies to the minimum extent necessary to provide this service.
Inquiries to credit card companies and other financial institutions When a customer uses this service, the Company collects credit card and other payment card numbers and the customer's name, etc., for the purpose of payment, etc. We may inquire with your company or other financial institution.
Providing information to a company to which a business is sold in connection with a business transfer As a company, our company may merge or sell a business. In that case, we may provide customer information to the third party to whom we sell the business, provided that they follow policies equivalent to our customer information handling regulations.
Provision based on laws and regulations If we are requested to provide customer information by a court, administrative agency, regulatory agency or other public institution, we will provide customer information if there is no reasonable reason to refuse the provision. I have something to do.
Dispute resolution with third parties If a member causes trouble to a third party and we determine that disclosure is necessary in order to resolve the trouble, we may provide customer information.
If we determine that information disclosure is necessary to protect the rights or interests of users of this service provided by our company or third parties, we may provide customer information.
5. About the use of cookies This service may send text files called "cookies" to the storage device of your computer, and store and use them. Specifically, the use of "cookies" has the advantage of being able to display content in areas that may be of interest to you, for example. Customers can refuse to receive "cookies" at their own discretion by setting their browser to issue a warning before receiving "cookies," but this service may not be available. there is.

6. Regarding the correction of customer information by our company Change the registered customer information to any information that would impede billing, such as the name and postal code of the city, town, village, name of financial institution, or credit card expiration date. If this happens, we may change the customer information registered with us.

7. Management and security of customer information We store the customer information we collect safely on a firewall-protected server in an environment that is inaccessible to general users, and prevent unauthorized access. We will endeavor to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of personal information. Please note that our company may entrust the handling of personal information to companies that we deem worthy of trust and have entered into confidentiality agreements with us; It will be protected under the handling regulations (privacy policy).

8. Disclaimer/Caution Our company is not responsible for the protection of customers' personal information on the websites of other businesses or individuals linked to this website or the web pages of this service. Please carefully check the contents of the website on your own before viewing or using it. In order to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, we use an industry standard encryption method called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for data transfer when we determine that data protection is necessary.
When registering, applying or ordering on this website and this service using a browser that does not support SSL, or when providing customer information by email or post, there will be a There is an increased risk that your information will be viewed or stolen by a third party, so please be aware of these risks before using these methods. Please note that our company cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to customers or third parties due to illegal acts by hackers, etc., despite our security measures.
Please strictly manage the information used to confirm your identity so that it is not lost, forgotten, or disclosed to a third party.
9. Regarding access from overseas Please refrain from accessing this Service from countries or regions where the use, management, operation methods, and posted content of this Service are considered illegal or inappropriate.

10. Improving customer information handling regulations and checking the latest customer information handling regulations Improving customer information handling regulations and checking the latest customer information handling regulations Our company's customer information handling regulations (privacy policy) We will strive to improve it as appropriate.

Before accessing this website or using our services, please be sure to check the latest regulations regarding the handling of customer information. If you access this website or use our services, you will be deemed to have agreed to the latest customer information handling regulations.

11. Procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of customer information Customers should log in to this service using the login ID and password they registered, and check and confirm the customer information they registered at the time of membership registration. You can make corrections.