Every moment with kurun

kurunTOKYO's ballet shoes are suitable for a variety of everyday situations.

Commuting on a swaying train, commuting to school, lots of walking, shopping, parties, travel, entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies.

Or even when you are on a business trip!

When traveling, you can keep it in your sub-bag for changing shoes on the Shinkansen or in-flight , or when you go to a restaurant with a dress code that doesn't allow you to wear sneakers.

(One leg weighs less than 100 grams, so I don't have to worry about carrying it at all! In fact, I'm happy to be able to easily change my fashion while traveling!)

kuruntokyo ballet shoes brand recommended easy to wear comfortable popular size bare feet socks white kurun tokyo

Great for party fashion during maternity.

The bottom is non-slip and there is no heel, so you can rest assured.

The collar has elasticity, so it fits gently even when your feet are swollen in the later stages of maternity.

Pure smooth white and enamel white can also be worn as wedding shoes.

Sizes start from 20cm, so it would be great for mother and daughter to match.

Kurun for any scene!

Every moment with kurun

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