Warm winter outfit with tights and socks

Kurun TOKYO's ballet shoes are recommended to be paired with socks or tights in winter!

How should I match it? ! We have received a lot of feedback, so we are pleased to present the 2nd edition of tights and socks.

The dark gray thin ribbed socks go well with any color of ballet shoes and are very convenient!

Pair it with Zebraprint graish khaki for an adult casual look.

Classic white socks are perfect when you want to give your feet a loose look.

Pair it with a pointed toe for a fashionable look.

Pair it with a round toe for a cute look.

Pair it with round toe Stardust gray .

Leopardprint graish khaki has black piping and ribbon, so it goes perfectly with black tights!

It blends in easily from the tips of your feet and makes your legs look beautiful.

Even warm tights with brushed lining are ◎

Pair Leopardprint beige with black socks.

Great for connecting with gray pants.

Add a playful touch with colored socks.

Pair waterproof suede black with burgundy socks.

Pair Suede Light gray , which is popular all year round, with thick ribbed socks in the same color.

Coordinating socks that may seem difficult at first glance can be easily put together by matching them with similar color gradations.

The combination of socks and shoes reveals a person's taste and personality.

Please enjoy the combination by incorporating it into your winter coordination!