Kurun TOKYO's masterpiece "Waterproof" series adds a sense of security to your daily life.
A new color is now available from suede material.

Coordination while traveling where you don't want to be affected by the weather,
We will introduce three colors that can be used for work : yellow, blue, and navy.


For rainy days = dark colored shoes
A positive “yellow” that dispels that impression.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy fashion anytime!
This is a pair of shoes that you want to wear while active with bare feet.

Suede material “blue” appeared for the first time in 3 years
In response to many requests, we have added water repellent functionality!
The deep ocean blue will give you a sophisticated look.

“Water repellent function × navy color” that is useful for work
She is like a partner to me who is always working hard and can run around stress-free.
The black sole gives it a neat look.

We use highly water-repellent sheep suede, which has a water-repellent agent infiltrated into the leather body and coats each fiber.
It bounces water around.
Functionality is added to soft comfort,
I can't let go anymore
Waterproof suede NEW color
Please check it!

Advance sale will be decided at Shinjuku Isetan POP UP SHOP starting March 1st (Wednesday)! You can take a look at the store ahead of time.
Sales will begin at Kobe Fitting Salon and online shop from 12:00 on Wednesday, March 15th.


<March 2023 POP UP SHOP>

■March 1st (Wednesday) - March 7th (Tuesday)
Shinjuku Isetan Main Building 2nd Floor Women's Shoes
■March 8th (Wednesday) - March 21st (Tuesday/Holiday)
Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC Main Building 3F Shoe World
■March 15th (Wednesday) - March 21st (Tuesday/Holiday)
[First event] Nishinomiya Hankyu 2nd floor women's shoes
■March 29th (Wednesday) - April 4th (Tuesday/Holiday)
[First event] Yamagataya (Kagoshima) Building 1, 1st floor STAGE101