[RECOMMEND] Add a fresh impact! Smooth-ballet shoes with a wide variety of colors

``Beautiful colored'' ballet shoes that add a fresh impact to your feet and lift your mood.

Smooth also comes in a wide variety of colors.

If you arrange them in different colors , you can enjoy your daily coordination even more.

It's perfect for adding color when you feel like your simple outfit is a little lacking.

KurunTOKYO's ballet shoes, which are made of high-quality genuine leather and have a clean shape, can give you a feminine and neat look even without heels.

Made of soft, fine-grained high-quality sheep leather, the more you wear it, the more you wear it, and it's as comfortable as wearing bare feet.

The upper part fits the foot softly and wraps around the toes, and the insole is highly cushioned, so it is comfortable to wear.

<Rouge red>

I want a red color that will become the brand's icon! And rouge red was born.

This is kurunTOKYO's original color.

Cute and eye-catching brightness.

For the upcoming season, pair it with white or beige pants for a focal point. Of course, it goes perfectly with denim style.

Pauline -Smooth rouge red

Mathilde -Smooth rouge red

From left: smooth camel/smooth light gray/smooth beige


Although it has a casual feel, camel, which is loved by fashion lovers, is an exquisite color that gives you a soft feel that is unique to smooth.

Mathilde -Smooth camel Smooth camel

We also recommend pairing it with socks.

Pauline -Smooth camel Smooth camel


A calm, mature red similar to brown that blends easily with your outfit and is easy to match.

Pauline -Smooth red Smooth red

Mathilde -Smooth red Smooth red


Khaki is a versatile color that can be worn both beautifully and elegantly depending on the color you match it with.

Pauline -Smooth khaki Smooth khaki

Mathilde -Smooth khaki Smooth khaki

<Rose pink>

Happiness starts from your feet.

A gorgeous and positive rose pink.

Mathilde -Smooth rosepink

From left: suede raspberry pink/smooth rose pink

Pauline -Smooth rosepink


Greige is a nuanced color that is great for all seasons, worn barefoot in the spring and summer, and goes well with tights in the fall and winter.

Chic and modern. You can match it with black or brown.

Pauline -Smooth grege

Mathilde -Smooth grege

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