[RECOMMEND]Smooth ballet shoes-Basic Color

I want to choose good standard items.

The smooth series has an elegant finish with a fine texture and natural luster.

Made from the highest quality Japanese sheepskin, these shoes feel snug against your feet, just like your own bare skin.


Navy has a certain neatness that goes well with denim and is perfect for an adult casual style.

Pauline -Smooth navy Smooth navy

Mathilde -Smooth navy Smooth navy


Unwaveringly popular and highly supported by customers since the brand's launch.

An indispensable item for your wardrobe that can be used for any occasion, formal or casual. What's more, each shoe weighs about 100g, making it convenient to carry around.

Available in sizes from 20.0cm to 26.5cm that can be used by both parents and children.

Pauline -Smooth black

Mathilde -Smooth black

Genuine leather flat shoes that won't slip off your heels even when you run up the stairs.

The original sole absorbs all the impact from the ground, and it is said that it can be used as a substitute for sneakers without causing pain to the soles of the feet.

You don't have to worry about slipping even on wet roads.


Just add white to your feet for an instantly feminine look.

Mathilde -Smooth white

Pauline -Smooth white

<Light gray>

This season, I'm in the mood for light gray/beige neutral colors.

Exquisite color tones that are hard to find

Pauline -Smooth light gray

Mathilde -Smooth light gray


Pauline -Smooth beige

Mathilde -Smooth beige Smooth beige

Another reason why I want to update my standard items is the comfort.

The flexibility and stretch of the collar are the secrets to never slipping off.

They're so comfortable that they stick to your feet, making you forget you're even wearing them.

The smooth series is available in 13 colors for both Pauline and Mathlde.

It's a variation that makes you want to change the color depending on your mood.

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