[RECOMMEND] KurunTOKYO's Enamel ballet shoes that you should try at least once

Speaking of kurunTOKYO's ballet shoes, "softness" comes to mind.

At first glance, enamel seems hard, but in pursuit of the ultimate in softness, we decided to develop it from leather!

KurunTOKYO's original sheep enamel, produced by Japan's largest enamel tanner , has a soft finish that cannot be compared to regular cow leather enamel. Comfort that can only be found at kurunTOKYO.

I'm so happy that it's so easy and yet looks so neat.

New this season are Mathilde/pauline pink beige, Mathilde mint green, and Mathilde orange.

<pink beige>

Pink beige is a kurunTOKYO original color that is both sweet and sharp.

This item is sure to be useful in both the office and town.

Pauline -Enamel pink beige Enamel pink beige

Mathilde-Enamel pink beige Enamel pink beige

The beauty of the all-white setup also stands out.

From the left in the photo: Mathilde enamel red / enamel orange


Enamel orange, reminiscent of fresh fruit, is a vitamin color that lifts your mood from the ground up.

It is easy to match with colored items, so if you are confused about red, we definitely recommend orange this year.

Pauline -Enamel orange Enamel orange

Mathilde-Enamel orange Enamel orange

A mint green color that is so beautiful that it almost draws you in.

<mint green>

Although it has a light pale tone, it does not have a sweet impression, making it a color that you will want to pair with sheer clothes.

This is a precious spring/summer limited item with only a few left.

Pauline -Enamel mint green Enamel mint green

Mathilde-Enamel mint green Enamel mint green

kurunTOKYO's ballet shoes were featured in the June 2020 issue of With magazine as a ``commended accessory for Mother's Day gifts''. The shoe box is also cute and perfect as a gift.

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