One of the world's finest leathers "Premium suede" DEBUT!

"Premium Line" uses the world's finest leather.
We use carefully selected leather that is used by many collection brands and has received high praise.

“Premium smooth” French leather that is moist and soft and feels like bare skin

“Premium haircalf” with vivid color and glossy coat

This time, Premium Line, which adds a sense of luxury and quality to the popular suede, has been released!

Fine-grained Italian suede is instantly recognizable . Because it is made of high-quality leather, we were able to create a beautiful “violet” color that was able to be dyed in a delicate color.

Pauline -Premium Suede violet

Trendy color “violet” that will give you a seasonal look
Not only is this color a great styling accent, but it also brightens up your feet by pairing it with tights and socks.

Goes well with denim × “violet”
It will update your everyday denim style.

Premium suede is produced using tanned leather that complies with strict international standards, ensuring the safety of the chemicals used, water treatment, and working environment during the leather production process.
Kurun TOKYO is committed to manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly and kind to the earth, and will continue to deliver safe, secure, and high-quality products to our customers.

Together with “violet”, new autumn colors “chocolate & chestnut”
Pre-sale at Shinjuku Isetan POPUP starting September 21st (Wednesday) ! You can see the new products as soon as possible.

Fitting salon, ONLINESHOP will start selling on the following date and time.
■fitting salon KOBE October 4th (Tuesday) 12:00~
■ONLINESHOP October 4th (Tuesday) 20:00~
Please look forward to it.
*Available at each POPUP*
September 21st (Wednesday) - September 27th (Tuesday)
■Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 2nd Floor Women's Shoes
September 28th (Wednesday) - October 4th (Tuesday)
■Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building 1F GINZA Stage

October 5th (Wednesday) - October 11th (Tuesday)
■Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall 2F Event Space

October 19th (Wednesday) - October 25th (Tuesday)
■Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building 3F Women's Shoes