2020 Autumn&Winter NEW item “Premium Haircalf”

This fall, we will debut 9 colors of Premium haircalf, which uses Italian-made "haircalf" with glossy coat and smooth texture.

It is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it a staple item for fall and winter outfits.

Introducing 9 bright and heart-pounding colors that exude luxury and quality.


A clean winter snow white that stimulates your fashion sense.

The color is easy to match, but it's a reliable companion that will show off to advanced players.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf white Premium Haircalf white

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf white Premium Haircalf white


A terracotta with a high quality feel that is forever vivid and never cloudy.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf terracotta Premium Haircalf terracotta

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf terracotta Premium Haircalf terracotta

<Grass green>

Grass green is a nuanced color that can be worn in both mode and casual settings.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf grass green Premium Haircalf grass green

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf grass green Premium Haircalf grass green

<Fuchsa pink>

A vivid pink that catches the eye and is a great addition to a one-tone outfit.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf fuchsia pink

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf fuchsia pink

<Ice gray>

Cool and neutral ice gray.

A versatile color that can be used as an accent color for dark tones. Unifying your look with light colors will give you a sophisticated look.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf icegray Premium Haircalf icegray

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf icegray Premium Haircalf icegray

<Canary yellow>

Canary yellow with a positive impression.

It will brighten up your dark autumn/winter outfits.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf canary yellow Premium Haircalf canary yellow

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf canary yellow Premium Haircalf canary yellow


Blue combines elegance and elegance.

Just by matching them together, you can create a coordination that gives off a dignified beauty.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf blue Premium Haircalf blue

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf blue Premium Haircalf blue


Green brings in a fresh breeze.

It supports the beauty of Harako's coat and complements your outfit with its overwhelming presence.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf green Premium Haircalf green

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf green Premium Haircalf green

<Maple beige>

It goes well with any color and is the easiest to match!

A gentle beige that gives you a warm feeling like a maple leaf.

Pauline -PremiumHaircalf maple beige Premium Haircalf maple beige

Mathilde -PremiumHaircalf maple beige Premium Haircalf maple beige

Nowadays, environmental issues are attracting increasing attention.

We use a sole that uses sugar cane as a raw material and reduces carbon dioxide emissions during the manufacturing stage.


“Premium haircalf” will be sold in advance at a pop-up store.


■Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC main building 3rd floor Shoe World

Date and time: September 30th (Wednesday) - October 6th (Tuesday), 2020


*Business hours may change.

Pre-release: Hair calf (9 colors: white, ice gray, maple beige, terracotta, green, blue, fuchsia pink, grass green, canary yellow)

*Sales will begin on Wednesday, October 7th at the online shop.