NEW item “Zebra print”

kurun TOKYO's popular animal series
Zebra print has been added.

The zebra print is made up of two colors.
A cool image even among the animal series.

The ribbon part uses smooth,
This item can be worn throughout the year.

<Light Beige>
The base is made of soft Light Beige, giving it a warm and feminine feel. The contrast with black is eye-catching and the color has a strong presence.

<Graish khaki>
Graish khaki has a calm tone and a cool impression.

This color is easy to incorporate even for those who don't like patterned things.

The flocked print makes the pattern look three-dimensional,
Adds a touch of quality to a pair of valuable shoes.

Stylish Zebra print ballet shoes.

Just by matching them together, you can create an adult style with a sophisticated mood.