Adds a sense of security. Suede has been added to the Waterproof series!

It retains its cute appearance, lightness, and softness.

The Waterproof series, which uses water-repellent leather, now includes not only smooth but also suede material !

<Waterproof Suede>

Unlike leather that has just been treated to be water-repellent on the surface, we use highly water-repellent leather that has been dyed using a dyeing drum that infiltrates a water-repellent agent and coats each fiber.

No need to worry about sudden rain.

It repels water.

Resistant to stains and easy to clean!

Waterproofsuede black Waterproofsuede black

<Waterproof smooth>

Kurun TOKYO's original material is made from the highest quality Japanese sheepsmooth leather with a water-repellent finish.

Long-selling Waterproof Smooth.

Available in 3 basic and easy-to-match colors: beige, light gray, and black.

Pauline -Waterproofsmooth

The pointed toe type makes your entire leg look longer and sharper, so you can expect it to improve your style.

It gives a sophisticated impression, making it perfect for casual outfits for adults.

Mathilde -Waterproofsmooth

<Inès -Waterproof smooth>

Simple ballet shoes without ribbons, created based on the feedback of many customers.

An excellent item that can be used in a variety of situations.

They can be worn like pumps and are perfect for ON STYLE.

Inès -Waterproofsmooth

Many customers choose the Waterproof series as their first pair of shoes from a lineup of over 200 products.

Find your favorite pair and enjoy fashion even more.