[NEW] New color and long-awaited new design for the popular Waterproof Smooth plain ballet shoes!

A new design without a ribbon has been released based on feedback from many customers!

While maintaining the comfort of the shoes, the thickness of the piping and the cutting of the instep have been carefully crafted to create a pair of shoes.

A minimalist design that is extremely simple.

Easy to match and great for ON STYLE!

The leather uses the popular Waterproof Smooth (water repellent finish).

The ribbon-less design and water-repellent leather allow it to be used in a variety of situations.

It's light and easy to carry, so you can put it in your bag and carry it around as a change of shoes! (Comes with original shoe bag.)

COLOR is available in three basic colors: Light gray, Beige, and Black.

Inès -Waterproofsmooth light gray Waterproof smooth light gray

Inès -Waterproofsmooth black Waterproof smooth black

Inès -Waterproofsmooth beoge Waterproof smooth beige

A new color, light gray, has arrived in the Waterproof Smooth series!

Light gray with a slight yellow tint blends well with the skin, making it a nuanced color that will make you look fashionable just by pairing it together.

If you choose a pointed toe, the straight toes will create a sense of unity and create beautiful legs!

It will be the original color of kurun TOKYO.

Pauline -Waterproofsmooth light gray Waterproof smooth light gray

Mathilde -Waterproofsmooth light gray Waterproof smooth light gray

[Outstanding water repellent effect]

The Waterproof Smooth material used in kurun TOKYO's ballet shoes is made from leather that has been treated with water-repellent chemicals from the tanning stage.
It has a much higher durability than regular leather coated with a water-repellent spray.

Water-repellent leather that repels water.

These ballet shoes are safe for rainy days and days when you walk a lot.