Introducing neon colors to satisfy your summer cravings!

Vivid and exciting "NEON" that matches the summer sunshine
It comes in three colors - orange, pink, and yellow - that will give you a juicy look and a steamy mood!

Neon colors can brighten up your outfit with just one piece, and when paired with neutral colors, they don't look too bright.
If you want to have even more fun, we recommend a bold color x color combination! This is an item that allows you to fully enjoy your own style.


The neon leather of kurun TOKYO is created through multiple processes before it is finished.
Imported film is used on the surface and a embossing is applied while maintaining the color, giving it a natural texture and a more high-end look.

Neon Orange


Neon Pink

Neon Yellow

 Neon 3 colors, 2 styles (pointed toe, square toe) Nationwide release on 5/16 (Thu)!
You can also see them at the POP UP SHOP held at fitting salon Kobe, NEWoMan Yokohama , and Shibuya Hikarie .
(※Round toe is not available.)


2024/ 5/3(Fri) - 6/3(Mon)
NEWoMan Yokohama 3F NEWoMan Lab.

2024/ 5/16(thu) - 5/29(wed)
Shibuya Hikarie 3F ShinQs Shoes Kaleidoscope

kurun TOKYO fitting salon KOBE

OPEN: 11:00-19:00
CLOSE: Tuesday

TEL: 078-381-9643

31-1 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
TESTA Kobe Old Settlement 3F

5 minutes walk from JR Motomachi Station 6 minutes walk from Hanshin Kobe Line Motomachi Station 3 minutes walk from Subway Kaigan Line Kyukyoryuchi-Daimarumae Station

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