Model . Designer / Mai Tsujimoto “Life Style with Ballet Shoes” Vol.4 Summer

Kurun TOKYO's ballet shoes are perfect for a variety of everyday situations.

Mai Tsujimoto is a working woman and a mother of two children.

Light and stress-free, Kurun TOKYO's ballet shoes are your best ally for busy days.

[ Model . Designer/

mai tsujimoto]

Introducing Summer Style that suits Mai Tsujimoto's lifestyle.

Mai Tsujimoto mai_tsujimoto VERY model kuruntokyo ballet shoes model

On nice days, I walk to work.

Anyway, it's light and my feet don't get tired, so I feel like I can walk anywhere!

Mai Tsujimoto mai_tsujimoto VERY model kuruntokyo ballet shoes model

Even a casual all-in-one style will give you a feminine feel.

Trimmed with champagne gold ribbon and piping tape, pair it with ballet shoes made of linen with glitter thread woven into it.

The sharp toe peeks out from the wide pants for a neat and balanced look.

Mathilde linen gold linen gold
(LIMITED SHOP Tamagawa Takashimaya pre-sale products starting on 6/15 (tue) / Online shop starts selling at 13:00 on 7/1 (thu))

When going out with the kids, don't forget to stay stylish with glitter ballet shoes and a denim style that allows you to be active.

It's light at about 100g per shoe, so it's very convenient to carry around for changing shoes!

A simple white T-shirt + denims, with sparkling glitter in large and small sizes will enhance your look.

Pauline mix glitter silver×white Mix glitter silver×white

Although I can't go out yet, I'm having brunch at my favorite cafe in the neighborhood on my days off.

French rose ballet shoes will make you feel good just by wearing them.

A dark colored tiered dress is also light.

Pauline suede french rose suede french rose

``Kurun TOKYO's ballet shoes will surprise you the moment you put them on!

Soft and light as if you were wearing socks!

It's easy to put on and take off, and the heels don't slip out, so they're very convenient for dropping off at nursery school or commuting by bike.

I want to wear them a lot from now on! ”(Mai Tsujimoto)


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Pre-release product: Pauline, Mathilde Linen Silver/Gold

Mai Tsujimoto

Born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1987. model/designer
Regularly appears on TBS's "Prebat!!" (watercolor paintings, colored pencils, eraser stamps) as a scholarship student. In her private life, she is a mother of two boys and has appeared on shows such as VERY and LEE.

Her Instagram account @mai_tsujimoto, where she writes about her lifestyle, is gaining popularity.

Costume provided by: SPITIFARO

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