2020/8/28 (fri) OPEN! kurunTOKYO fitting salon NEWoMan Shinjuku 3rd floor

Kurun TOKYO fitting salon, a fitting salon that combines the best of online and offline, opened in Newman Shinjuku on Friday, August 28, 2020.

Kurun TOKYO Fitting Salon, the brand's first fitting salon, is a new salon that combines the best of online and offline.

This is a special space where you can actually see the products and try out the comfort of the shoes while talking with dedicated staff, something you cannot experience at an online store.

In addition to seeing all the products available at the online store, items exclusive to the Newman Shinjuku store will be available in popular materials and in limited quantities.

After checking the comfort and size of all materials, customers can choose to purchase on the spot or have the item delivered to their home, allowing them to enjoy shopping empty-handed.

Our staff will also help you make your purchases from our online store easy and error-free.

In November, we will also hold an order event where you can customize your pair by choosing your favorite material and color, as well as combining grosgrain tape and ribbon in your favorite colors.

Each shoe you order will be carefully handcrafted one by one by a skilled shoemaker and delivered to the customer in time for Christmas.

This is a custom event with a short lead time that can only be realized as a DtoC brand.

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(Pointed toe only)

Mathilde pythonprint/chocolate Mathilde pythonprint/rosegray

■kurunTOKYO fitting salon

NEWoMan Shinjuku 3rd floor

4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022