Vol.1 Winter: Waka Nozawa “Life Style with Ballet Shoes”

Stylish and comfortable flat shoes are essential to the busy lifestyles of modern women.

How should we embrace the upcoming cold season? We will introduce some techniques for Winter Style!

[ Fashion model/yoga instructor Waka Nozawa]

Waka Nozawa, who is known for her casual and feminine fashion, is styling ballet shoes with her casual clothes!

They showed off their favorite coordinations of ballet shoes in seasonal leopard print, classic suede black, and familiar champagne gold.

Mathilde -Leopardprint beige Leopard print beige

The seasonal leopard print is a great addition to a simple outfit !

Complete your casual winter style by pairing the top with a hoodie.

The trick to a handsome fashion is to wear ballet shoes for a feminine look.


You can survive the cold winter with the help of faux leather pants .

Mathilde -Foil h champagne gold H champagne gold

A sweet and spicy MIX style of white skirt and military jacket.

The classic coordination of navy tights and navy turtleneck is a refreshing combination of metallic colors!

Champagne gold ballet shoes are easy to match with any outfit and can be worn all season .

Mathilde -Suede black Suede black

The basic denim pants and beige coat style was accented with a checkered stole wrapped around a red turtle, creating a mature casual style!

Add some fun to your plain suede ballet shoes with red socks!

Waka Nozawa's comment:

Among ballet shoes, the animal print and champagne gold really go well with any outfit, so they are sure to be a hit!

This styling was created using items that everyone has in their closet at home, so please give it a try. ”

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