[Giselle] Pythonprint NEW color is now available!

Square toe Giselle Pythonprint is now available in the long-awaited NEW color “gray & beige”!

We use the highest quality Italian leather, which has been processed with a python print on high-quality kid leather and has scale-like cuts on the surface.
As you get used to it, a more realistic python texture will emerge.

Pythonprint, which elevates your usual styling, has been popular since the brand's debut, with many people repeating it in different colors.

Pre-sale will begin on the 15th (Wednesday) at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya SC POP UP, which is currently being held, so you can see it first.

[Pythonprint beige]
“Pythonprint beige” is a masterpiece from kurun TOKYO that is popular among ageless people.
An elegant pair that will stretch your spine just by wearing them, and is also recommended for casual office wear.


[Pythonprint gray]
“Pythonprint gray” goes well with light materials such as satin and sheer materials.
A pair of shoes that will be great for the coming season as you can play with colored ones.

At fitting salon, ONLINESHOP,
On sale starts from 12:00 on Wednesday, March 22nd !

Not too dry [Giselle Pythonprint] is a recommended item for those trying python pattern for the first time.
Please check it out!


*Available at each POPUP*
March 29th (Wednesday) - April 4th (Tuesday)
[First time event] ■Yamakataya (Kagoshima) Building 1, 1st floor STAGE101

April 5th (Wednesday) - April 11th (Tuesday)
[First event] ■Daimaru Tokyo store 1st floor event space

April 12th (Wednesday) - April 18th (Tuesday)
■Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Building 3rd floor Women's shoes

April 19th (Wednesday) - April 25th (Tuesday)
■Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin store 1st floor event space