The long-awaited limited time event, custom order event, will be held at SPITIFARO Kobe store!

Get your first pair of shoes this spring in your own original color!

An order event for the highly popular custom shoes "my kurun TOKYO " will be held at SPITIFARO Kobe from January 21st (Friday) to January 30th (Sunday), 2022!

From February 4, 2022 (Friday) to February 13, 2022 (Sunday), the event will be held online for customers who are unable to visit the store, so you can participate from anywhere in the country.
*Reservations for the online custom order session will begin from 20:00 on Friday, January 28th. Click here (page opens from 20:00 on Friday, January 28) >>

*The photo is a custom order image.

By selecting approximately 20 types of materials, ribbons, and grosgrain tape from each of the two types, round toe and pointed toe, we can create over 10,000 custom-made patterns.

Each shoe you order is carefully made by hand by a skilled shoemaker and delivered to the customer in about 45 days.

This is a custom order event with a short delivery time that can only be achieved as a D to C brand.

During the period, we will set up a booth exclusively for custom orders, and each person will have one hour to make their selection.

Why not start your new life with a special pair of shoes?

<Custom order meeting overview>

SPITIFARO Kobe ( Reservations started on Friday, January 14th)

■From Friday, January 21, 2022 to Sunday, January 30, 2022

SPITIFARO Kobe store < Open in GoogleMap >

3F, TESTA Kobe Former Settlement, 31-1 Akashicho, Chuo-ku, Kobe City

Business hours: 12:00-20:00 (Sundays and holidays 11:00-19:00)

*Business hours may change.

TEL: 078-381-9643

Online custom order event (reservation starts on Friday, January 28th)

Friday , February 4, 2022 to Sunday, February 13 , 2022

You can connect from SPITIFARO Kobe store and participate in the custom order event through online customer service. (LINE, ZOOM, Instagram)

You can order from your home or anywhere you like. (Friends and family members are also welcome!)

Target customers : Customers who already own kurun TOKYO shoes and know their size.

*Payment method is credit card only (advance payment)

TEL: 078-381-9643


From 20.0cm to 26.5cm

Period until delivery Approximately 45 days
mold Round toe/Pointed toe


black/black sole

light gray/beige sole

Rouge red/beige sole

navy/black sole

price: ¥15,800 (¥17,380 including tax)


light gray/beige sole

Sax blue/ beige sole

Teal green/beige sole

navy/black sole

beige/ beige sole

Blue-gray/ beige sole

Pistachio yellow/ beige sole

caramel/ beige sole

Raspberry pink/ beige sole

Smoky pink/ beige sole

price: ¥16,800 (¥18,480 including tax)

python print

black/black sole

gray/ beige sole

beige/ beige sole

price: ¥19,800 (¥21,780 including tax)


H Champagne GD/ Beige sole

H silver/ beige sole

price: ¥16,800 (¥18,480 including tax)

leopard print

Grayish khaki/black sole

camel/ beige sole

beige/ beige sole

brown/ beige sole

price: ¥17,500 (¥19,250 including tax)


glitter silver/ beige sole

price: ¥14,800 (¥16,280 including tax)

*Materials may change during the exhibition period. Please note.

Reference sample Materials used / tape x ribbon


Suede Blue gray / BG sole

Silver x Silver


Foil H silver / BG sole

Silver x Canary Yellow


Leopard Beige / BG sole

Green x Aqua Marina


Suede Caramel / BG sole

Orange x canary yellow


Python Black/BL sole

Light gray x forest green


Suede Saxe blue / BG sole

Silver x blue


Smooth Black/BL sole

Light gray x light gray


Python Gray / BG sole

Blue x Blue


Suede Pistachio yellow/ BG sole

Yellow x beige


Smooth Rouge red / BG sole

Coral x Coral


Foil H Silver / BG sole

Blue x Silver


Leopard Camel / BG sole

yellow x orange


Suede Teal green / BG sole

Green x canary yellow


Leopard Brown / BG sole

Beige x beige


Glitter Silver / BG Sole

Aquamarina x Aquamarina


Python Beige/BG Sole

H champagne gold × H champagne gold

[SPITIFARO Kobe store custom order meeting reservation reception form]

Please click on your desired date on the calendar below and fill out the reservation form.

We ask that you limit one slot per person.

*After making your reservation, we will send you a reservation confirmation email within 3 days. We will confirm your order with that email.
(Reservation confirmation emails will be sent from the address If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder. If you still do not receive it, please contact the store by phone. .)

* Please make reservations using the reservation form by 7pm the day before.

*We will send you another confirmation email two days before your scheduled visit.

*If you wish to change or cancel your reservation, please contact us by email at least 2 days before your scheduled visit. (Email address:

*Reservations for the same day can be made by phone.

TEL: 078-381-9643

*If you would like to participate in the custom order event, please make a reservation in advance.

*If you would like to try on or purchase products at the fitting salon, you can visit us without making a reservation.

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*Reservations for the online custom order session will begin from 20:00 on Friday, January 28th. Click here (page opens from 20:00 on Friday, January 28) >>