COME BACK series vol.7

kurun TOKYO fitting salon KOBE
Limited EVENT “Reprint Series”

Because we use carefully selected materials, there are limited materials available.
Among the items that are no longer in production, although they are missed,
We have a limited number of highly requested items available.

7th edition
<Small Glitter/Small Glitter>

Small glitter that appeared as a seasonal item in 2020. This item has become popular because of its delicate small glitter particles, which give it an elegant and familiar feel.
Among the many glitters, it has a soft texture and is extremely comfortable to wear.

When it was released in 2020 , it was only available in pointed version, but
We have also specially prepared a round for the reprint.

3 colors: pink gold / silver / black .
We will reprint only 60 pairs of each color .
This is a special event where you can purchase and order at fitting salon KOBE and at Spitifaro Osaka POP UP SHOP, which will be held from July 14th (Friday)!

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“Pink gold” with a solid and rich color
Combine with earth colors such as beige and brown for a mature look.
With its delicate sparkle, it goes well with any styling.
A pair of shoes that will elevate your usual coordination.

Sprinkled with silver glitter and polarized glitter, this pair is irresistible for glitter lovers. Refreshing and light, “silver” is perfect for pairing with denim.
Also, whether you match it with monotone or color styling, it will tighten up with a fashionable balance.

For those who are tired of ordinary black, try this black” .
It sparkles discreetly indoors, and when exposed to sunlight, the glitter shines, creating a brighter impression.
A versatile pair that can be worn with an all-black style in the summer, or with tights and socks in the fall and winter.

This item will be the last to appear.
If you are interested, please check it out.


〈COME BACK vol.7
Small Glitter
Color: pink gold/silver/black

Limited to 60 pairs of each color

Type : round pointed
Price : ¥13,000 + tax (¥14,300)

・The number available for immediate purchase is 30 pairs of each color, and the remaining 30 pairs will be made to order.
・Available order sizes: 21.5cm - 26.5cm
・Delivery approximately one and a half months after order date

■Sales period
・Fitting salon KOBE・Spitifaro Osaka store:
July 14th (Friday) ~

・ONLINE reception: August 1st (Tuesday) 12:00~

*Sold until July 31st during the POP UP event at Spitifaro Osaka store.
*Online reception will be a lottery sale.

*Customers who visit the store will be given priority. If the number of preparations has been reached, there will be no online reception.

■ONLINE application period
・August 1st (Tuesday) 12:00 - August 3rd (Thursday) 23:59
Reception is over. Thank you for your many applications.

*Each person may only apply once.

■Winner announcement
・Winners will be announced sequentially from 12:00 on Saturday, August 5th . Only winners will be contacted via email from the address

■About payment
・Payment deadline: August 5th (Sat) to August 8th (Tue) 23:59 ・Bank transfer only
*If payment cannot be confirmed by the deadline, it will be automatically canceled and a new lottery will be held.
*Those who win the advance lottery will receive a winning email from 12:00 on Wednesday, August 9th.
*The color of the actual product may differ depending on the viewing environment and settings.
*Please note that as this is a limited edition product, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.
*Shipping costs will be borne by the customer.
□Honshu 660 yen □Hokkaido/Okinawa 990 yen

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