This pair is a must-have! A true timeless classic Black Series

Rich color variations
Kurun TOKYO ballet shoes.

Among them, black is popular as an efficient item that allows you to complete your style without having to worry about coordinating your feet.

It doesn't get dirty easily and is easy to clean!

This time, we will introduce the appeal of black ballet shoes, which have different images depending on the material.


Smooth black is the basic of basics!
A pair of shoes that can be worn multiple times as a standard item.

It can also be matched with ceremony styles such as graduation ceremonies and entrance ceremonies.


A deep suede black.
It adds warmth to your style.

Croc embossed

Croco-embossed black using enamel containing white pearls.

The elegant shine of pearls gives you a feminine soft feel.

These black ballet shoes are perfect for those who like a neat style.


Enamel black ballet shoes that are perfect for everyday use as well as for glamorous occasions.


Foil black using soft sheepskin leather with foil finish.
Even though it's basic, it gives you a sense of playfulness.