Autumn is HERE 2

2023 Fall/Winter NEW COLOR Part 2
Two very popular colors “dark brown” & “khaki”
Introducing it again with waterproof specifications!

Waterproof suede Darkbrown

A rich and warm “ dark brown”
Just change the black you usually choose to brown for a mature look.


Waterproof suede khaki

Limited colors available only ONLINE!
“Khaki” has a calm atmosphere that harmonizes with nature.
The versatile color makes this item fun to match with socks.

Be sure to check out the `` Waterproof Series,' ' which has more and more color variations and is becoming more and more eye-catching!
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Waterproof suede NEW color
■ Dark brown
Pre-sale at fitting salon KOBE/Daimaru Tokyo store POP UP from 10/18 (wed)

■ Khaki
ONLINE limited color
On sale starts from 20:00 on 10/27 (fri).
Although it is sold exclusively at online shops, you can actually see the products at fitting salon KOBE and each POP UP SHOP.