Autumn is HERE

From waterproof suede
New colors for fall/winter 2023 have been released that will enhance the mood of the season .

“berrypink” colors your feet and “darkgray” gives a manly impression.
It has been treated to be water repellent, so it is a pair of standard equipment that is both stylish and functional regardless of the weather.

Waterproof suede Berrypink

Berry color is a color that you will want to incorporate at this time of year.
This time, “ Berrypink” has a slightly blue-tinged sweetness.
kurun TOKYO original color.
This is a pair of shoes that I would like to recommend.

Waterproof suede Darkgray

The first ONLINE limited color is now available!
Jackets, wide pants, plaid patterns...
Versatile “Darkgray” that comes out one after another with the items you want to match.
It has a moderately fashionable feel, so you'll want to get it in different styles.


Waterproof suede NEW color
■ Berrypink
Fitting salon KOBE from 9/6(wed)
Pre-sale at the following POP UP SHOP / Tamagawa Takashimaya S/C (currently being held)
・Nishinomiya Hankyu/Nagoya Takashimaya Gate Tower Mall (9/13(wed) START)
■ Darkgray
ONLINE limited color<br>You can only purchase from the ONLINE SHOP, but you can actually see the product at fitting salon KOBE and Tamagawa Takashimaya S・C POP UP SHOP.

Both colors are available at the ONLINE SHOP
On sale from 9/20 (wed) 20:00!
Enjoy autumn coordination with NEW colors.