2022 Summer NEW item II “Panama Cross” is now available!

Following the first lamecloth ”, a new summer item that you definitely want to check out this season, the second “panama cloth” will be released soon!
“Panama Cross” has a refreshing impression reminiscent of travel, resorts, the sea...etc.
The natural-textured Panama-like material allows you to wear it without hesitation with coordinations that use plenty of colors and patterns, and will elevate your summer outfits.
It has a water-repellent finish, so you can use it actively, and it's light and comfortable to wear without fatigue, making it an essential item to take with you when you travel.

Mathilde-Waterproof panamacloth camel

Pauline-Waterproof panamacloth camel

Mathilde-Waterproof panamacloth lightgray

Pauline-Waterproof panamacloth lightgray

Mathilde-Waterproof panamacloth white

Pauline-Waterproof panamacloth white

2022 SUMMER NEW item 2nd “panama cloth”
It will be on sale in advance at the POP UP SHOP below.
Release date: June 24th (Friday)
□ 6/24 (Friday) - 7/10 (Sunday)
Hanshin Umeda Main Store 3F SPITIFARO
□Currently being held (until 7/3 (Sun))
Atre Ebisu Main Building 4F Fontaine Terrace
*Fitting Salon Kobe and online shop available on 7/1 (Friday) Sales start from 12:00 PM.

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