2022 Summer NEW item “Lame Cloth” is now available!

“Lame cloth” has a cool impression by weaving lame thread into a large knitted fabric.
Introducing a combination with glossy foil leather !

It has been treated to be water repellent, so you can use it for active activities such as going to the park or traveling, making it the perfect item for those who want to go out this summer.

Pauline -Waterproof lame cloth beige

Even if you wear a maxi-length dress with a relaxed feel, the gold line that can be seen from the heel makes it easy to style your back. A pair of shoes that is as easy to wear as sneakers and will fulfill your desire to feel light in mind and body.

Mathilde -Waterproof lamecloth black

The black color seems to be versatile enough to handle sudden schedule changes, and the ribbon and glitter thread woven into the material are all black, giving it a high-quality finish.

Available in two colors, beige and black, each with a different expression.
Pre-sale at NEWoMan Yokohama POP UP SHOP starting from 4/27 (wed)! You can take a look ahead.

Kobe fitting salon will start selling at the online shop from 12:00 on 5/11 (wed)!
Be sure to check out the “lame cloth” that can be used for multiple purposes.