2020 Spring & Summer NEW Color Waterproof_vol.4

Since the brand's launch, we have received many inquiries about our smooth ballet shoes with a water-repellent finish.

Available in two basic colors: black and beige.

Since they have been treated to be water repellent, they can be used with confidence even if they get slightly wet, making them the perfect pair for the upcoming season.

Water-repellent leather that repels water in the form of beads.


KurunTOKYO's original color beige is a neutral color that is easy to use for one-tone coordination.

Pauline -Waterproofsmooth beige Waterproof smooth beige

Mathilde -Waterproofsmooth beige Waterproof smooth beige


These basic black and water-repellent ballet shoes are a must-buy pair that gives you a sense of security.

Pauline -Waterproofsmooth blacke Waterproof smooth black

Mathilde -Waterproofsmooth black Waterproof smooth black

Compared to the existing smooth black , it has a smoother surface feel,

It has a matte surface feel compared to foil h black .

This is a special pair of shoes that is lightweight and soft, but with added functionality.

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