2020 Spring & Summer NEW Color Pythonprint_vol.1

KurunTOKYO celebrated its 1st anniversary since its brand debut on March 1st!

The python print, which has been popular since its debut, is now available in three colors with the addition of gray.

The python print leather used has scale-like irregularities that are close to reality.

It is used very luxuriously because it is carefully selected in the direction in which the pattern comes out when cutting.

A new gray color with an exquisite piping and ribbon color scheme.

<pythonprint gray> (photo right)

Pauline -Pythonprint gray Python print gray

Mathilde -Pythonprint gray Python print gray

The most popular patterned item!

This product has been popular ever since its release.

The combination of nude and spicy python makes this pair popular with a wide range of customers.

<pythonprint beige> (left)

Pauline -Pythonprint beige Python print beige

Mathilde -Pythonprint beige Python print beige

Easy to match with black sole.

<pythonprint black> (center)

Pauline -Pythonprint black Python print black

Mathilde -Pythonprint black Python print black

"SACRA", which always provides costumes for visual shoots, has opened its first flagship store in Daikanyama.

SACRA daikanyama
3.13 fri OPEN

As a shop for women who enjoy their daily lives, the inside of the store, which resembles a comfortable private salon, is a special space where you can see the entire SACRA lineup.

SACRA daikanyama
Hillside Terrace F-102, 18-8 Sarugakucho, Shibuya-ku

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