2020 Spring & Summer NEW Color Foil_vol.5

Ballet shoes made of soft foil leather that add a touch of elegance to your feet.

Three new stylish metallic colors are now available!

<Foil h gray>

Metallic gray, which shines in the sunlight, is a favorite color that is easy to match.

The beige sole makes the monotone outfit light.

Pauline -Foil h gray H gray

Mathilde -Foil h gray H gray

From left in the photo: Mathilde foil h gold/foil h champagne gold

<Foil h gold>

Just pair them together for an edgy look.

GOLD, reminiscent of the 70's, will give your feet an impressive look.

Pauline -Foil h gold

Mathilde -Foil h gold H gold

<Foil h coral>

Coral pink has a presence that is not too sweet and adds a touch of glamor to your outfit.

Pauline -Foil h coral

Mathilde -Foil h coral

Add a playful touch to the noble design of the dress with shiny coral-colored ballet shoes.

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