2020 Spring&Summer NEW Color crocembossed_vol.3

KurunTOKYO's ballet shoes are characterized by their "lightness" and "softness".

Croco-embossed enamel, which pursues ultimate softness, is an original material developed by kurunTOKYO and produced by Japan's largest enamel tanner.

Available in 5 neutral colors reminiscent of nature and the earth.

From left: pauline crocembossed /black/mocha/pinkbeige/ pink/sandbeige

<pearl pinkbeige>

kurunTOKYO original color.

Pearl processing that changes its expression depending on the angle and emits light.

A versatile pink beige that is both cute and neat.

Puline -Crocembossed pearl pinkbeigeCrocembossed pearl pinkbeige

Mathilde -Crocembossed pearl pinkbeigeCrocembossed pearl pinkbeige


Sand beige goes perfectly with a variety of color items.

Beige with a nuance close to white is sure to be a hit in the coming season.

Puline -Crocembossed sandbeige

Mathilde -Crocembossed sandbeige


A mature pink with a refreshing sweetness.

Puline -Crocembossed pink

Mathilde -Crocembossed pink


A calm and mature chic mocha.

A favorite color that can be used for both mode and casual wear.

Puline -Crocembossed mocha

Mathilde -Crocembossed mocha

<pearl black>

Pearl black with a clear embossed texture created by pearl processing.

Puline -Crocembossed pearl black

Mathilde -Crocembossed pearl black

They have a neat feel similar to pumps, making them perfect for work occasions.

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