2019 Autumn&Winter NEW Color Smooth_vol.1

This fall/winter is a parade of new colors.

It looks like there will be more items I want again ♡

The first new smooth colors are rouge red and rose pink, which debuted in July.

The smooth, high-quality soft sheep leather is characterized by a good fit on your feet.

< rose pink >

A vivid pink that is not too sweet can be used as an accent color to this season's trending colors such as dull colors and browns. Create a gorgeous and bright atmosphere.

Pauline -Smooth rose pink

Mathilde -Smooth rose pink

< rouge red >

Rouge Red is a bright and deep red that is truly crimson. A timeless classic color that can also be used as an accent color.

It is a red that is a little different from existing reds and gives off a pure freshness.

Pauline -Smooth rouge red

Mathilde -Smooth rouge red

The second new smooth color is grege and khaki, which are chic colors perfect for pre-fall.


2019AW trend color

Khaki, made of smooth leather with a deep color, can be worn with casual, feminine, or office styles depending on how you coordinate it.

Pauline -Smooth khaki Smooth khaki

Mathilde -Smooth khaki Smooth khaki


Greige is a basic color that is easy to incorporate into your styling, giving off a warm, effortless flow and a dull tone with a calm tone.

It has a gentle color that blends well with your skin and blends easily with bare feet.

It is a truly versatile color that not only goes well with basic black and beige, but also makes brightly colored items such as red and yellow stand out and has a supporting effect.

Pauline -Smooth grege

Mathilde -Smooth grege

From bright colors to chic colors.

Find your favorite pair this fall.

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