2019 Autumn & Winter NEW Color Leopardprint_vol.3

This season's popular leopard pattern is printed in a big size with an impact!

The universally popular camel, kurunTOKYO's original color grayish khaki, is now available in two cool colors!

<graish khaki>

The greyish khaki leopard print, which was also used in the styling of this season's pamphlet, is a pair that is easy to match without being too overpowering.

Pauline -Leopardprint graish khaki Leopard big print graish khaki

Mathilde -Leopardprint graish khaki Leopard big print graish khaki

<camel> _

A camel-based leopard print that is irresistible for leopard lovers.

Pauline -Leopardprint camel Leopard big print camel

Mathilde -Leopardprint camel Leopard big print camel

Two colors with a smaller leopard pattern are also popular items!


Basic beige base type.

Easy to match and sure to be popular!

Pauline -Leopardprint beige Leopard print beige

Mathilde -Leopardprint beige Leopard print beige



The calm brown color is a chic and mature image.

Pauline -Leopardprint brown Leopard print brown

Mathilde -Leopardprint brown Leopard print brown

Although it is a trend, even if you think animal print is a bit too much for clothes that have a lot of surface area, you can easily incorporate it as an accent on your feet.

The black part has a flocked texture that goes well with black tights.

Enjoy coordinating your look from the feet up with leopard print ballet shoes that match your preference.

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