Shine like a starry sky Premium Stardust

Premium Stardust

Stardust is an original leather made of suede inlaid with mirror-like glittering foil and topped with pearl resin.

We use Italian leather processed using special techniques that cannot be achieved in Japan.

Clear mirror foil that can be seen even from a distance,

A combination of pearl resin that emits a faint light

Expressing strength and kindness.

A three-dimensional expression is created depending on the viewing angle,

It shines like a starry sky.

Add a touch of elegance to your all-black outfit

Black suede that highlights its shine.

Familiar with mirror and pearl processing,

Gray suede with a calm impression.

A pair of shoes that will accent your styling.

Using a finely textured and supple kid,

Even softer to wear

Finished with ballet shoes.