Pauline and Mathilde

KurunTOKYO 's ballet shoes are broadly divided into two types depending on the toe design.
One is Pauline with round toe .
The other one is Mathilde with a pointed toe .
It has a French female name.
Including the two types, Pauline and Mathilde , there are a total of 80 different types with different materials and colors.
The enamels come in a variety of exquisite colors and are custom-made from our store's original colors.
Materials include smooth, enamel, shiny foil leather, leopard print leather, python print leather, and glitter.
Mathilde-kurun TOKYO
Do you want to wear a basic color a lot, or do you want a bold color to accent your outfit?
Whether you're wearing it as a guest at a wedding or to a party with a dress code, you can't help but feel the excitement of choosing which one to wear.
The plain round toe Pauline has been carefully cut to ensure that it can be worn beautifully by any type of foot.
If the heel is too shallow, it will look stylish, but it won't go well with feet with thick insteps, and on the contrary, it will look too deep and bulky.
After making dozens of prototypes, we have created an exquisite cut that is perfect for people with both thick and thin feet.
Mathilde , which has a sharp and fashionable image , has a pointed toe that can be worn without stress even by those with bunions or wide feet.
Depending on the shape of your foot, pointed toes can cause pain at the base of your toes, or your fingers may feel bent, which can be painful, but even with wide feet, you can wear them easily and they won't hurt.
Our staff, who have wide feet and had given up on wearing pointed toe shoes because the arches of their soles collapsed as they got older, were happy to finally be able to wear pointed toe shoes that were comfortable to wear. !
There are 13 sizes from 20 to 26.5 cm to accommodate all customers.
Which design to choose and which color to choose...
Please choose carefully first!

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