Movie Postscript

The video was shot somewhere in Tokyo in mid-November, just before the arrival of full-fledged winter.

Even though the forecast was for rain, we were all relieved that the weather turned out to be nice just before the event.

The model girl is 20 years old from Poland! !


She has a funny face and a well-balanced figure, so she doesn't look that tall in the photo, but she's actually 175cm tall.

She looked great wearing wide pants and a long, voluminous dress with ballet shoes.

We shot some pretty tough scenes early in the morning, running and running up the stairs, but he did his best without showing any signs of being tired!

I'm sure it's because kurunTOKYO 's ballet shoes have a great fit and feel good on my feet, so I don't get tired even after wearing them for a long time! ? I thought.


The red high-heeled pumps she wears at the beginning of the video are made from the exact same suede as her ballet shoes.

The colors and materials are exactly the same, so you won't feel any discomfort even if you wear them differently, don't you think?

I made just one pair in a hurry for this photo shoot.

Kurun is able to do these things because we have our own in-house shoe workshop.

We would also like to introduce you to our workshop here.

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