2019 Autumn&Winter NEW Color haircalf_vol.4

In the 4th release of our new product announcement, we will introduce 7 colors of luxurious Harako material.

There are two types of animal prints: Dalmatian and zebra prints, which are easy to style.

The leather tape on the ribbon, collar, and heel has a black color scheme, making it easy to match with black tights, and the dot pattern has a color scheme of the ribbon, collar, and heel tape that matches the polka dots, giving it a calming look. impression.

These small Dalmatian-patterned Haraco ballet shoes are perfect for this fall/winter classic mood.

<dalmatianprint white>

White base as an accent color.

Pauline -Haircalf dalmatianprint white

Mathilde -Haircalf dalmatianprint white

<dalmatianprint beige> 

Standard color beige base.

Pauline -Haircalf dalmatianprint beige

Mathilde -Haircalf dalmatianprint beig

<dalmatianprint mocha> 

A chic mocha base that doesn't overstate it.

Pauline -Haircalf dalmatianprint mocha

Mathilde -Haircalf dalmatianprint mocha

The sharp zebra print is available in two colors: the trendy combination of white and black, and the elegant mocha and black.

<zebraprint white>

Trendy white x black combination.

Pauline -Haircalf zebraprint white Harako zebra print white

Mathilde -Haircalf zebraprint white Harako zebra print white

<zebraprint mocha>

The elegant mocha goes well with brown coordination.

Pauline -Haircalf zebraprint mocha

Mathilde -Haircalf zebraprint mocha

The featured pattern of dots is printed on the halo.

Mathilde dot beige

"Adult dots" with small dots that give a feminine impression.

<dotbeige> _

A beige dot print that gives a light look to your autumn/winter styling, which tends to be dark.

Pauline -Haircalf dot beige

Mathilde -Haircalf dot beige

<dot ​​black >

The ribbon, collar, and leather tape on the heel have a beige color scheme, giving this pair a calm yet playful feel.

Pauline -Haircalf dot black Harako dot black

Mathilde -Haircalf dot black

Simply pair this fall's classic clothes with animal print items for a sophisticated look.

Enjoy winter coordination with accent shoes!

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